Monday, October 13, 2008

Relief Society Lessons!

I had to teach the relief society lesson Sunday. I get this "pleasure" every three months. I have been in this calling for three years and I still hate the lesson part! I work like crazy to prepare the lesson (although the internet is amazing and really helps with preparation!). I am a nervous wreck when I get there and feel pretty stressed the whole time. My feet don't really know what to do. My hands go crazy (like when I talk normally) and I tend to blurt out weird comments like I would make in normal conversation. At least, I have gotten over having a shaky voice (I think)! One thing that amazes me is it always seems to help me get over something that is bothering me! I get to choose the topic and I suppose I let it go the way I want it to go!


Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

Very nice Jill! I am very impressed - just make sure your scrapbooking doesn't go by the wayside cuz that's what happened to mine when I started blogging! Love you tons, Thoma Lee - let's just see if you can find "comments" on your blog!

Becker Family said...

I'm glad you're blogging! It's a fun way to keep up with everyone!

Kristanne said...

You lesson was great. I think you do a wonderful job. It always prefer to hear lessons from people who are a little uncomfortable speaking. It makes it all more sincere and from the heart. You always make points that I find apply to me. Sometimes when the lesson is too perfect, and the examples to pat - I tend to tune out. I like you style.

And your blog looks great - and you have been added to the relief society page!

Donna said...

Great Blog! I loved your lesson. There is only one problem with your lessons - as soon as you are done I realize I'm next!