Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Christmas Party!!

We had our annual Olsen Family Christmas Party at Annalee and Jake's house. We had a lot of people as usual, good food, good company and lots of silly traditions..... When Grandma gives out her presents (PJ's). The kids all wait until everyone has a bag and they always have to tell each other not to peek. Then everyone opens them together and runs and puts them on for pictures. The kids exchange gifts. The older kids decided to put their gift money together and shop for a needy family instead. Great idea!

Making a pyramid after getting PJ's from Grandma Olsen

Ryker, Grace & Mikaylee wanted to make a pyramid too!

The boys with Grandma Olsen - Cute PJ's boys!

The girls ins their new pajamas.

Ryker and Matt are waiting to exchange presents.

Brett in his Grinch shirt!

Jordan, Angie, Alex

Here is another Christmas tradition in our family. Aunt Connie always gives us a new ornament for our Christmas tree. Each of the kids gets one too. My kids always like to get all of the ones they have received out and line them up. Then they put them on the tree. Here is Andrew with all his ornaments this year. Thanks Connie!