Monday, February 23, 2009

Dance Picture

Jordan and his friend Becca went to the Sweetheart's dance.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Child Party!

Andrew had to enter the science fair a few weeks ago. We did a great project on plants and he was pretty happy with the results. The big news is that when the Science Fair was over, I came to the astounding realization that IT WAS THE LAST ONE!!! No more 5th grade science fairs! I was doing the happy dance all over the school. This truly gives away what a fabulous mother I am!

Last night, was Andrew's 5th Grade Patriotic Program. It was very nicely done and the kids are still young enough to be cute. I then realized that another last child thing was over! I was a little sad about it being the last singing program, but then I thought no more making costumes (although I did cheat on this one and had Andrew wear the same costume Jordan wore in 5th grade), no more practices and no more sitting in the hot school! I guess I still have the 6th grade stuff to go, but not programs!

The good news is that I can go to see the grandchildren's things when I feel nostalgic, but I won't have to actually "do" them!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Short Weekends!

Well, another weekend just flew by! Friday night I worked at the high school basketball game (taking tickets not coaching!). Saturday, Andrew's b-ball team played in a tournament. They had three games and then later in the evening they had another game in their regular league. They won the tournament and their game, so it was all good. Andrew was so tired he slept until noon on Sunday!

Sunday evening we went to a party for our niece and nephew. They are going to Australia for three years for an educational opportunity. We sure will miss you Jeniece and Leif!