Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Updates!

Summer is speeding by...It is already half over! This is what we are doing....

1. Brett is working a new job and has no vacation! Sucks for him!

2. Andrew has a billion friends and spends a ton of time going to Lagoon, laser tag, swimming, bowling and always - PARTIES ! They like to have night games every night.

3. Matt and Jordan are working...Matt is taking a summer class at Weber State.

4. I have been cleaning stuff out like crazy!! I am trying to throw away one box per day....I haven't hit every single day, but I have done plenty!

5. Melissa and Ryan are planning their wedding (August 5th).

Earlier in June, Andrew made the all-star lacrosse team. This extended the season a few weeks and they took the team up to Park City for a three day tournament. They won all 5 of their games and we all had a fabulous time!

Here are some pictures:

Jaime and Andrew are happy!!

The kids rode the zip line at the Olympic Park.

Andrew during a game.

It was tiring!

The Team!

We stayed in a condo with Andrew, Jaime, Daxten and Cade. The boys met up with Hunter and Nathan for swimming, eating and touring. There were vendors selling lacrosse stuff. That was a big hit with the kids! They all got some cool lacrosse socks. Some of the family came up and watched a few games. Thanks! The weather was beautiful and we all a great time!

We haven't done much else this summer...just the usual! A few more highlights:
1. Andrew and Brett went on a 12 mile hike with the scouts. Pretty tough!
2. I bought a cool new shelf and table to organize my sewing and craft area. It looks really cool!
3. I have been to lunch with the girls - A LOT!
4. Connie's dog Farley was good enough to have a party for all the kids. That was fun!
5. Read some good books!
I guess (after reading this) that we should do something really big and fun or at least really constructive!! Oh well!