Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Activities

Ryker turned six in June - Can't even believe how fast time went by!!!

Sometimes you just have to swim all day long!!
Andrew, Cade and Hunter

Michelle, Brexton and Melissa

Andrew spent lots of time partying with his friends...
Family reunion at the cabin....

Melissa & Andrew
Ryker and Davis
The girls thought they were pretty funny because
the got shirts that said "Second Generation of Crazy"
Andrew & Me in the Trees

 Independence Day!!
Andrew, Brylie and Korbin
Matt & Emily

Rob, Ryan and Melissa

Now summer is over :( :(

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lacrosse - Go Andrew!

This year, Brett helped organize a Junior Lacrosse program for kids who will be playing at Northridge. Northridge's coach and players helped and coached.  They had a good team and won most of their games.  They ended the season by playing at the Park City SkiTown Shootout.  Lacrosse is Andrew's favorite sport.  He can't wait until next season.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Sports??? Really???

Andrew has now decided that he would like to play golf.  He has gone a couple of times now and thinks it is really fun.  Last night he was telling me all about these kids playing in a golf tournament while he was there and how cool their clubs were.....I kind of closed my ears!  We can't have another sport in this family!

Andrew on his way to the golf course.

Does this look like a family that needs more sports??? We were tending Ryker over the weekend and he wanted to play lacrosse with the kids all day. Sometimes you Eat, Play, SLEEP LACROSSE!  And yes he is really sleeping.

Monday, June 6, 2011

School's Out For the Summer!!

This is a most exciting time for me now that I work at a school!  I was pretty happy about it before I worked too because I got sick of helping the kids with school and getting them out of the house and being so busy all the time....BUT then I would get pretty tired of trying to keep them busy at home and waited for school to start again.
Now that I work at a school it makes summer that much sweeter.  It is pretty easy to keep Andrew busy with his sports and he is big enough to help with projects around the house. 
THIS YEAR was kind of bad because the district cut my position last year and this was supposed to be my last year.  My school wants me to stay there and has tried to make it work with budget cuts and at the very end of school I found that I will probably have at least a half position.  I would like full time, but don't want to work in the summer until Andrew is grown up so I will plan to do that and hope full time works out. 
So....anyway I spent the first official day taking down the Christmas Lights YEA ME!  And just for the record --  It was warm today earlier, but now it is getting cold!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break??? Easter Egg Hunt!

So last week I had the whole week off of work for spring break....this is my house!
 This is the view out the window
 Needless to say this was not exactly your typical spring break, but it kind of is traditional for my family!  Usually we try to go camping somewhere down south or out in the West Desert area, but it almost always snows or rains or becomes "unseasonably" cold wherever we go!  I am pretty sure we could have gone to Cancun and attracted a hurricane!  Oh well! We stayed home and relaxed.  There were a few warm days, but weekend Lacrosse was cancelled (which made poor Andrew very sad!)  I can say it was pretty nice to just do nothing much!

Saturday, we held the Peterson Family Annual Easter Egg Hunt/Birthday Party (PFAEEHBP).  Of course, it was snowing, but my sisters and mom quickly saved the day with a treasure hunt which ended in a bag of candy for each of the kids inside the house!  Everyone also had to find eggs with their names on them (so we wouldn't accidentally leave any hidden candy!  It turned out to be very fun.  I sure am glad we didn't cancel!
 Ryker with his bag of candy!!
 Grandpa and Andrew
 Melissa & Ryan
 Grandma Peterson & Ryker
 Me & Emily
Andrew & Korbin

Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had our Christmas Eve Dinner and Tracy and Tico's house.  We had delicious Steak Cordon Bleu and Chicken Cordon Bleu and lots of other good stuff.  We had presents and a nativity and lots of fun just being together.

Raegann, Ryker, Davis and Brylee
This is me strategically covering my fat belly with presents.  Looks good huh?
Matt and Jordan
Ryan, Melissa and Asher
Sitting down for dinner

Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas Party! (catching up!)

The annual Olsen kids Christmas party was held at a clubhouse at the apartments Mike and Katie used to live at.  It worked out well.  There was plenty of space and lots of things going on.  Ryan and Melissa and Ryker were not able to come because Ryker was sick.  We ate soups, salads, breads and desserts.  Patsy and Scott prepared a few games and we had video games and a Christmas show.  The kids exchanged presents and opened their pajamas from Grandma.....and of course posed for pictures!

 Brooke, Grandma Olsen and Haylee
 Brooke, Avery & Kaylee
 Andrew modeling his new hat!
 Andrew and Jayden
 Wow - huge family!!
 Just the old people!!
 Andrew and Jordan
Matt and Kevin

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Basketball Season!


Cute boys huh??

Well, football season is over and basketball started. Same team, new uniforms, but lots and lots of games! It has been really fun watching these boys grow up from little third graders into the handsome young men they are today. I love the sports which is a good thing because I sure spend enough time attending, driving to, buying for......