Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Bonnie's this year. We are getting to be a big family. We had 40 something people and everyone it getting bigger and having more kids all the time. Me, Brett, Melissa, Ryker, Matt, Jordan, Andrew, Karilee, Kevin, Jaymie, Mark, Sam, Aubrey, Angie, Scott, Patsy, her mom Marilyn, Jeniece, Leif, his brother Derek, Mike, Katie, Thomas, his girlfriend (I forget her name right now), Ron, ThomaLee, Ben, Kira, Reese, Whitney, Jayden, Grace, Emilee, her friend Joe, Pam, Paul, Sean, Spencer, Amanda, Brooklyn and of course Grandma!

I love having big family gatherings! Brett thinks it is getting to crowded, but I will be sad when everyone splits off into their own smaller families! It just seems like so much more of a holiday when everyone comes together.

I tried to get a picture of my family for a Christmas Card! We took a bunch, but at least one person was looking silly in each one. Maybe we will have to try again!

Colonial Day!

Andrew and his buddies!
Luckily Andrew grew enough hair for a ponytail!
Eating out colonial style!

The fifth graders at the school had colonial day. They spent the whole day learning about and doing activities done by the people in colonial America. I took the day off work and went and helped. I taught the colonial games of cat's cradle and hopscotch. The kids also made candles, butter, hats, and many other activities. It was followed by a lunch of beef stew, rolls, and pies.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More Projects!

I found this awesome pattern for a fabric flower. I made a scripture bag for my mom's friend and for my sister-in-law. They turned out so cute I had to post another picture! I haven't been up too much else so....

I suppose it would be helpful if I would spend more time cleaning my house and less time reading and crafting, but then how fun would that be?

We went down to Sandy for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday party this weekend. It was pretty fun to see everyone. It seems like that is happening less and less these days. Everyone is getting older and the kids are getting their own families.

I look forward to the holidays for the same reasons. I also love the kids' blogs! It helps keep caught up. So keep writing guys!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Matt!

Yesterday, Matt got his wisdom teeth out! He is doing okay and managed to play his computer game (World of Warcraft-he is addicted). He was looking so GREAT, I decided to post a picture. He wanted one posted of his teeth. I am not so sure about that one, but it is here anyway! I haven't talked to him this morning, hopefully he is feeling a little better.

New Project!

My Aunt Barbara had the cutest purse she had made so.....I decided I needed to make some as well. I love a new project! Anyway, my first attempt was pretty good, but with a few directions from Barbara and the addition of some lining, the second one was fabulous! I am going to make a bunch more for presents and so that I can have so new ones myself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing New to Write About!

I haven't really been up to much the last few days. I have been trying to get a little more organized so the house doesn't feel as messy! We just have too much stuff. I never imagined that we would be able to fill up the house we have now! Somehow, we have managed! It would probably be much easier and more relaxing not to have as many things to make life easier and more relaxing.

Andrew and I cleaned and organized his room. We got rid of or relocated a lot of his things. He now has much more room and hopefully will keep things a little cleaner. I didn't get much else done on the weekend. I cleaned out and added to the toy room/library (big family room closet with a fancy name). Ryker should have plenty of things to play with at granny's house now!

We tended Ryker on Friday and Saturday while Melissa went to Las Vegas for "Michelle's Big Birthday Las Vegas Weekend Extravaganza". The girls had a good time. Andrew had a game on Saturday (won that one) and a game last night (lost - bummer). He wasn't feeling to well, but felt better after playing.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just When I Think I Have it All Together!

Yesterday, I got so much done at work! I left feeling quite satisfied with myself. We stopped on the way home to get a few things at the store. I bought just what I needed to make a slow cooker dinner for tonight. I then went home and cleaned a little. I remembered my sister's birthday is Saturday and I want to make her a purse like mine so I went and got material, feeling quite good about planning ahead! I came home and made dinner which involved making over leftovers into something new. This made me feel quite organized and thrifty. I put together the slow cooker dinner for today and at this point I was feeling very smug! Then at about 7:05, I remembered that not more than 2 hours earlier, I had talked to Donna and planned to do some Relief Society visiting at 7:00. I even said I would drive! I blew out of the house pretty fast and pretended like I was just running a little late. So much for being on top of things!

How old are you before you can claim to have senior moments? I don't really want to claim to be a senior, but I am not sure I want to go with stupid.......

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ryker & Andrew

Ryker, Pa and DC (D*** Cat)

Cool Costume Huh?

Andrew, Daxten and Jaime

Cool Costume!

Well, Halloween has come and gone again. This is the first year I didn't get to go trick or treating with at least one of the kids in a long time. Andrew is growing up and can't go with his mother! Time is rushing by faster and faster all the time. Ryker (sporting the fabulous costume I made) went around to a few neighbor's houses with me! Yea for grandkids!