Friday, November 28, 2008

Colonial Day!

Andrew and his buddies!
Luckily Andrew grew enough hair for a ponytail!
Eating out colonial style!

The fifth graders at the school had colonial day. They spent the whole day learning about and doing activities done by the people in colonial America. I took the day off work and went and helped. I taught the colonial games of cat's cradle and hopscotch. The kids also made candles, butter, hats, and many other activities. It was followed by a lunch of beef stew, rolls, and pies.

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Kristanne said...

Ethan loved it as well. However I am not sure I like his candle - he came home and lit it and it sparked and burnt a hole in my rug. Luckily it was in my room, the one carpet that will have to be replaced and is why we have a carpet allowance.

You are so good to help out. Bet Andrew enjoyed having you there - even if he wouldn't say so.