Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ryker & Andrew

Ryker, Pa and DC (D*** Cat)

Cool Costume Huh?

Andrew, Daxten and Jaime

Cool Costume!

Well, Halloween has come and gone again. This is the first year I didn't get to go trick or treating with at least one of the kids in a long time. Andrew is growing up and can't go with his mother! Time is rushing by faster and faster all the time. Ryker (sporting the fabulous costume I made) went around to a few neighbor's houses with me! Yea for grandkids!


Kristanne said...

That is a cute costume. My kids didn't want me along either. Even Jace - He went with his cousin!

Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

You'd better come live at our house! Ron & I took Kaylee & Jayden for the longest we've gone in years (left a stash of candy on our porch as we don't GET trick or treaters because of our long scary lane) and finished up at Grandma Olsen's house for chili and family fun! We are going backwards!

Becker Family said...

Cool costume! Looks fun!