Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sand Hollow

We went down to St. George for Memorial Day Weekend. It has not been warm up here at all, but it was beautiful down there! The beach was awesome. It has the coolest sand ever! We went boating on Saturday with Tracy and Cheryl and families. All the adults went out to dinner Saturday night. Sunday, we went to Zion's and took the shuttle through the park. We did a little hiking, but not too much. It was very crowded there, but still fun to see! I haven't been there for a long time!

Andrew & Brody are playing a "minute to win it" They have

to get the oreo into their mouths with no hands!

Andrew and Sam

Brett & Carson in the tube!

Baylee and Jared

Carson & Andrew

Playing in the Sand


Dugway Girls Night Out!

Many, many (so many I probably won't say here) years ago.......I met these girls when I was growing up in Dugway. We have stayed friends ever since. We started meeting for dinner about 5 years or so out of high school and after a few years made it an annual event!
It is funny how you can go a year without really talking to someone and just pick up where you left off. We always have plenty to talk about. We laugh so hard! I LOVE YOU GIRLS!
P.S. I missed you girls that couldn't come this year! See you next year! I will have to post some pictures from years ago.....that will be coming!

Andrew's Birthday!

It was not really Andrew's year to have a friend birthday party...but he talked me into a "small" party and night games. He did invite a lot of kids, but most of them couldn't come with the short notice he gave them, but his buddies were mostly there and they had a great time!

Brogan, Andrew and Jrue....Happy Birthday to you!


Andrew's friend Elle brought her dance friends.
They brought Andrew a nice princess crown and earrings!

Always a ball game!

Everyone likes to be in the picture!