Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Reunion at the Cabin

The July 24th weekend is our family reunion for the Davis side of the family. We always go to the cabin. Some of the family pull in trailers and set them up. We ride four-wheelers, play cards, take pictures and laugh and talk and eat all kinds of goodies! This year we were small in numbers as four of the families had a long scheduled vacation to fish in Alaska, but we still had the reunion. We missed everyone who wasn't there though!

Playing Cards

Brett and Ryker going on a ride!

My Cousin Tammy on the "Girls Ride"

The kids and their friends they brought.


Jesse and Andrew riding four wheelers!

I took a bunch of pictures of the wildflowers - they were so beautiful!
I want to put some pictures in my house!
We also made a craft (the girls). The weather was absolutely beautiful. It stayed very cool. I was sad on the way home, the temperature rose nearly 30 degrees and now I am boiling hot! I love my whole family and can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanging with my Sisters!

Tracy, Cheryl and I spent the day yesterday doing a little social shopping! We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery. They have the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Then we just hung out at different stores, trying on clothes, making watch bands (me) and buying shoes! We laugh and laugh. I love my sisters and love their company. It is so fun to do nothing much together! One of my favorite ways to spend a day!

Camping at The Spruces

We decided we needed to go camping last weekend. We haven't even had our trailer out this year at all! We usually go in the spring, but since it was still winter until July we never made it. We went with Kevin and Karilee and a few of their kids and grandkids. We also realized that we didn't really have any kids left so Andrew took three of his buddies!

The trip started off a little shaky. We drove to Payson Lake to stay at Blackhawk. It is a place we have gone before and it is never full. We didn't even think to make reservations, but it was totally full - like a CITY! Everything else was full up there too. We went down to Salem and ate at the gas station (we almost came over to camp on your lawn Connie!). We called Kevin and Melissa as they hadn't left yet. Melissa got on the internet and Kevin jumped in his car and drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Luckily, Kevin found a spot. We stayed there one night and then had to move to two other sites! I guess we haven't camped enough recently. I didn't know it had become so difficult!

Anyway, once we got settled, we had a great time! The boys rode bikes all over, played in the fire and hiked around camp. We played cards. I tried to teach the boys how to play Solataire Frenzy, but they were very slow! We hiked up to Donut Falls, an old favorite for us. The kids loved it! The girls all went down to Salt Lake for a Bridal Shower and the boys all went up to Silver Lake and were lucky enough to come upon a free car show! They sure loved that! We all arrived home safely and had to unpack and clean up (the yucky part!).

It sure is nice to get away where you don't have to go to work, do housework or anything else that you usually have to do!
Camping means a lot of eating!

Andrew hiking up Donut FallsDonut Falls

Ryker loves the fires and the mallows!