Monday, October 27, 2008

More Basketball!

Andrew's team won a close game on Satuday night! 25 to 24. It was not the best of days to play as Andrew and several of the other boys were a little under the weather. Something is going around! They played pretty well though and explained to us that sweating helps get rid of germs (they learned this at school). We did make him spend Sunday at home relaxing.

Earlier this week, we had a fun football banquet for the boys. Ron McBride (the Weber State Football Coach) came and spoke to the boys about sports, exercise, and making commitments. I think they all thought it was pretty cool to have him there. Then the usual trophies, highlight film and wild maniac boys!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Human Body

I went to visit The Body World exhibit down town. It displays real human bodies and parts. It was very interesting. I was amazed at how intricate each body system is. I especially enjoyed the part about the heart given my past problems. It is amazing how everything works together and runs very well for the most part. It you get a chance to see it, you should go!

It is a real testimony of divine creation to me. I am amazed that most pregnancies go as planned, most bodies run the way they are supposed too and how much progress medical science has made. It was motivating to me to try and have healthy habits. I am grateful, I haven't smoked! I do wish I was skinnier though (check out the obesity section at the end).

I went with my friends Susan and Maria. We also had a great time sipping hot cocoa and eating pastries. Then we went shopping and out to lunch! Can't beat that for a good time!

Long Weekends are so Short!

Well, UEA weekend is over! I can't believe how fast those extra days off go! I watched Ryker while Melissa went to New York. Melissa had a blast! I was a little jealous, but we had a nice relaxing time at home.

On Thursday, Ryker and I went to lunch with Mom, Connie, Barbara, Cheryl, Tracy, and Emily. It was fun and Ryker was a pretty good shopper. He did get lots of treats from everyone. He just knows everyone wants to buy things for him. I don't like to shop much anymore, but social shopping is good fun and a way to visit with everyone. Friday, we just hung out, cleaned a little, did a few errands and picked up Brett. He was in California all week.

Saturday, I sewed a really cool costume for Ryker. He is going to be a space man. I will post a picture when he gets all dressed up! We need to finish a few details. He was quite pleased with the whole thing and tried it on whenever I needed him to. He would look in the mirror and model for anyone he could get interested. Don't tell Melissa, but he spent a lot of time cutting up fabric scraps with scissors! I guess that is better than cutting his hair.

Saturday night, Andrew had a basketball game. Ryker enjoys going to his games and talks the whole time about how he has a game too. He wanted to know if we could drop him off at his basketball game on our way. He loves playing with all the other little kids. He also is good at cheering for Andrew. The final score was 39 to 14 in favor of the Knights!

Anyway, then Sunday came and Monday before I even knew what happened!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Relief Society Lessons!

I had to teach the relief society lesson Sunday. I get this "pleasure" every three months. I have been in this calling for three years and I still hate the lesson part! I work like crazy to prepare the lesson (although the internet is amazing and really helps with preparation!). I am a nervous wreck when I get there and feel pretty stressed the whole time. My feet don't really know what to do. My hands go crazy (like when I talk normally) and I tend to blurt out weird comments like I would make in normal conversation. At least, I have gotten over having a shaky voice (I think)! One thing that amazes me is it always seems to help me get over something that is bothering me! I get to choose the topic and I suppose I let it go the way I want it to go!

The Fun Bus!

Saturday, we had a parent rent a bus to drive the kids up to Skyview High School for their play-off game. The kids had a great time! It snowed like crazy all the way up through the canyon. Anyway, we all called it the fun bus. Not too many parents accepted the invitation to ride along! As the "lucky" wife of the coach, I got to ride with all the kids. I am pretty tolerant of high levels of noise so I got along just fine. They really were pretty good and enjoyed the novelty of the ride.

Skyview won the football game, but we ended a great season with a fun day! We didn't totally freeze to death. Andrew took a pretty hard hit which was even mentioned on the forum (discussion area for the league) but was okay after a minute! We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and the kids ate like pigs which cheered them right up! Andrew then attended a party, but came home at 8:00 because he was too tired! That never happens! Anyway, we will soon have a banquet to end the football season! Until next year......

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going Crazy.....

It seems like no matter how hard I try to BE NOT BUSY, my days and weeks seem to fill up and speed by. I can't seem to watch a T.V. show when I want to or cook a good meal. I have to keep rearranging things because I have something else. Sometimes, it seems like I don't even get to talk to my family, with everyone going every which way! Slow down....

**Monday - Work, Errands, Basketball practice, game, drop in bed!
**Tuesday - Work, Last few errands, cook a pathetic meal,homework, reading, fall asleep
**Wednesday - Work, Out of town for work until tomorrow (probably never sleep)
**Thursday - Out of town for work, weight watchers, Relief Society
**Friday - Work, work at football game that night
**Saturday - Football Game, probably most of the day, will I have time to clean? My mom's birthday - more errands!!
**Sunday - Relief Society meeting, church (I have to prepare a lesson), cook big dinner, drive to airport - Then perhaps a nice bubble bath, a dark chocolate, and a good book....

Needless to say, my house is not exactly clean, in fact.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Sports Mom

I spent all day Saturday working on Andrew's sports! Andrew's football team, the Jets, had their first play-off game. Brett is the head coach for their team. Anyway, it rained the whole time so being a fan was hard work! Andrew had an awesome game and scored a touchdown on a 55 yard run. He had some help with some great blocks, plus stiff armed a few guys on his way. We were all very excited as this turned out to be the winning touchdown! The jets won 14 to 12.

Then we came home and dried off and went out shopping for basketball shoes. It is very hard to find shoes in size 7. The kids size's stop at 6 and most stores then jump to 8.5 or 9 in men's. Weird because there are a lot of boys with size 7 feet! The Knights had their first game of the season Monday night. Also a victory!! Go knights!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Goal (Becoming more Intellectual)

This is a new skill I wanted to learn....BLOGGING! I am setting up this blog, sort of on my own (with Melissa's help). The first step is done!! I am sure that I will become very good at navigating around this stupid computer and will become much smarter every second! So that is it my first post!! I am sure we are all impressed.