Monday, October 20, 2008

Long Weekends are so Short!

Well, UEA weekend is over! I can't believe how fast those extra days off go! I watched Ryker while Melissa went to New York. Melissa had a blast! I was a little jealous, but we had a nice relaxing time at home.

On Thursday, Ryker and I went to lunch with Mom, Connie, Barbara, Cheryl, Tracy, and Emily. It was fun and Ryker was a pretty good shopper. He did get lots of treats from everyone. He just knows everyone wants to buy things for him. I don't like to shop much anymore, but social shopping is good fun and a way to visit with everyone. Friday, we just hung out, cleaned a little, did a few errands and picked up Brett. He was in California all week.

Saturday, I sewed a really cool costume for Ryker. He is going to be a space man. I will post a picture when he gets all dressed up! We need to finish a few details. He was quite pleased with the whole thing and tried it on whenever I needed him to. He would look in the mirror and model for anyone he could get interested. Don't tell Melissa, but he spent a lot of time cutting up fabric scraps with scissors! I guess that is better than cutting his hair.

Saturday night, Andrew had a basketball game. Ryker enjoys going to his games and talks the whole time about how he has a game too. He wanted to know if we could drop him off at his basketball game on our way. He loves playing with all the other little kids. He also is good at cheering for Andrew. The final score was 39 to 14 in favor of the Knights!

Anyway, then Sunday came and Monday before I even knew what happened!

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Becker Family said...

Can't wait to see Ryker's costume. You always make such cute stuff. I'm sure he will be a very cool space dude!