Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Sports Mom

I spent all day Saturday working on Andrew's sports! Andrew's football team, the Jets, had their first play-off game. Brett is the head coach for their team. Anyway, it rained the whole time so being a fan was hard work! Andrew had an awesome game and scored a touchdown on a 55 yard run. He had some help with some great blocks, plus stiff armed a few guys on his way. We were all very excited as this turned out to be the winning touchdown! The jets won 14 to 12.

Then we came home and dried off and went out shopping for basketball shoes. It is very hard to find shoes in size 7. The kids size's stop at 6 and most stores then jump to 8.5 or 9 in men's. Weird because there are a lot of boys with size 7 feet! The Knights had their first game of the season Monday night. Also a victory!! Go knights!

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