Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fun Bus!

Saturday, we had a parent rent a bus to drive the kids up to Skyview High School for their play-off game. The kids had a great time! It snowed like crazy all the way up through the canyon. Anyway, we all called it the fun bus. Not too many parents accepted the invitation to ride along! As the "lucky" wife of the coach, I got to ride with all the kids. I am pretty tolerant of high levels of noise so I got along just fine. They really were pretty good and enjoyed the novelty of the ride.

Skyview won the football game, but we ended a great season with a fun day! We didn't totally freeze to death. Andrew took a pretty hard hit which was even mentioned on the forum (discussion area for the league) but was okay after a minute! We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and the kids ate like pigs which cheered them right up! Andrew then attended a party, but came home at 8:00 because he was too tired! That never happens! Anyway, we will soon have a banquet to end the football season! Until next year......

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