Monday, October 20, 2008

The Human Body

I went to visit The Body World exhibit down town. It displays real human bodies and parts. It was very interesting. I was amazed at how intricate each body system is. I especially enjoyed the part about the heart given my past problems. It is amazing how everything works together and runs very well for the most part. It you get a chance to see it, you should go!

It is a real testimony of divine creation to me. I am amazed that most pregnancies go as planned, most bodies run the way they are supposed too and how much progress medical science has made. It was motivating to me to try and have healthy habits. I am grateful, I haven't smoked! I do wish I was skinnier though (check out the obesity section at the end).

I went with my friends Susan and Maria. We also had a great time sipping hot cocoa and eating pastries. Then we went shopping and out to lunch! Can't beat that for a good time!


Janette & Bentley said...

That's awesome. Bentley wanted to go to that, but I wasn't quite so sure.

BTW, your blog is great--very cute!

Kristanne said...

I have been trying to convince everyone in my family to go, and so far no bites. I really want to get there. Maybe I will tell my kids it is homework so we have to go. Then they can't complain.

Engrained Emotions said...

Jill, so glad I found your blog. Its a silly thing, but getting comments from friends is so fun.

After reading thru your posts, I want you to know, I really enjoy your lessons. You do a great job, and your cuteness shines thru! I am always excited to see you are teaching. Keep up the good/great work!