Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Came!!

Well, finally it came! I was kind of glad to see it over this year. I was not very organized, didn't feel like we had the money, and couldn't quite get everything done the way I wanted it! I was shopping, wrapping, delivering,cleaning and still making things right up until Christmas eve. NEXT YEAR....I am sure I will be much more organized about things! (HaHa) Really, I am typically more together. I really didn't catch the Christmas spirit like I usually do.

The funny thing is that I enjoyed the day as much as ever. It doesn't seem to matter if everything is clean or how many presents the kids have. It went off without a hitch and was very lovely! I did spend part of the day dozing on the couch, recovering (pretending to be awake, watching the kid's video games).

We went to Tracy's house on Christmas Eve and had our usual dinner of Steak Cordon Bleu and Chicken Cordon Bleu. We (of course) over ate! Melissa and Ryker spent the night which made Christmas morning lots of fun! Ryker loved all of his presents and was very excited! Later in the evening, we went down to Bonnie's and enjoyed more food and presents!

Now I just have to stop eating everything in sight and clean up my house!!

Matt and Jordan doing a James Bond pose!

Tracy, Cheryl, Brett and I on Christmas Eve!

I couldn't find my camera, so I guess I will add more pictures later. Melissa has better ones than I do, because my batteries were low so I will have to look at hers!

Annual Cousin Party!

For many years, we have been getting all the cousins together before Christmas for a Christmas party. As the kids get older and get married, it is easier to catch as many as possible this way! We all gathered at Annalee's house and had food (of course) and the kids exchanged gifts. Grandma always brings presents and they are always pajamas and the kids always run and change and then pose for pictures! I am not sure about everyone else, but I love the ALWAYS factor! We missed you Brittany, Ashley and Emilee!

All the grown ups! We are the old people now!

Here are almost all the kids in the family (and their kids!)


Well, Christmas is over so I need to do a little bit of catch up on my blog. It seems this year was not my best organizational effort of all time. I was running around like crazy and not getting anything done!

Andrew's basketball team went 15 and 1 this season. They won the Layton City league and just missed winning the Weber county league. They will start again in January and play another couple of seasons. It is pretty fun for the kids and I enjoy it too.

Andrew going up for two (he says he made it!)

Brett (the coach) and the boys pose with their trophies

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I took Andrew, Ryker, and his buddies Cade and Daxten down to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was a lovely night, not too cold. We ate dinner (at McDonald's - their choice not mine) and drove down. When we got there I found an awesome parking spot on the side of the road. We all got out and then I looked and noticed it was a handicapped spot so we got back in and started to search for another spot. That is when the trouble started. All the places I have always parked were gone, closed, under construction, etc... The underground parking was full. All the road side parking was full. Believe me I drove all around to see!! I was starting to lose my Christmas spirit. Luckily, I had to be nice because I had kids with me!! (I didn't use any swear words) Finally the underground parking opened up and we drove in. We couldn't find how to get out of there and so we (and a bunch of other people) walked up a ramp. It was crowded looking at the lights, but still nice. Ryker got tired of walking though, so I had to carry him. When we went back to get in the car, we couldn't get in the conference center to get back down to the parking area. After trying several doors, we went down the ramp again!! When we were leaving, the guy in front of us crashed into another car. At least that didn't happen to us! Then we pulled out and the parking cost me $10.00!! I was a bit irritated at this point so as I drove away I told Andrew to take one last look because that is the last time we were ever going to see those lights!!

Oh Christmas Tree!

Dancing around the Christmas Tree (I am scared)

Matt & Andrew around the tree

A few years ago, I finally broke down and bought an artificial Christmas tree with lights. It greatly simplified the decorating process. I can now get people to help decorate it again! The boys like to put all their own ornaments (THANKS CONNIE) on the tree. I always play my "Kenny and Dolly" Christmas CD. This year we really got into the music and did some fancy dancing around the tree!