Monday, May 18, 2009

Andrew's Birthday - My Baby is 11 Years Old!

We had a basketball banquet at Ligori's on Andrew's birthday. The boys had a great year and we decided to have a dinner to end the season.

Trophies for winning the league!

After the banquet, Andrew had some of the guys over to play games and have cake and ice cream. They wanted to play night games and thought they would call some girls over to play with them. This took quite awhile (because they weren't very brave) and it was very entertaining for Melissa, Brett and I (hopefully they won't read this - they were very chicken on the phone after all their big talking). They finally (after much talking, teasing and laughing) managed to make a few calls and got three of their friends to come over. I guess they did a bit of door bell ditching (sorry everyone!).

The birthday still wasn't over! Andrew wanted a friend birthday party this year so we had planned it for the next weekend! This party was billed (by Andrew) as the "air soft gun war of the year". Matt and I took the boys down to a park and let them have at it. We had a fire and roasted hot dogs and had s'mores.

Mother's Day!

Tracy, my mom, me and Cheryl on Mother's Day

We had a barbeque and swimming party for Mother's day. We took thousands of pictures, but didn't get too many really cute ones! Thanks mom for always being there for us, for teaching us things, for caring about our kids, for advice, for entertainment and taking care of dad! We love you!
The party kind of took a turn into the normal (or abnormal - depends on how you look at it) Peterson party with a game of faceball. In case you have never played this game (you probably haven't YET because we just made it up). It is when you have to keep the ball on the table by blowing really hard. If it goes off your side YOU LOSE!

You are supposed to keep your chin on the table

Melissa likes to think she is more normal than me (but is she really??)

5th Grade is Full of Projects!

Andrew and Jrue in front of Andrew's Alaska project.

Fifth grade has been full of projects....It seemed like Andrew spent the year doing lots of different big projects - reports, science fair, etc.... He loved it. We found out lots of good stuff about Alaska. We really need to go there now.