Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bonnie's 80th Birthday!

All of Bonnie's kids got together a party at the church for her 80th birthday! Brett scanned all of her old pictures that he could find (which took him forever!). She wasn't too happy when the ward announced to everyone that she was 80 years old! The party was a huge success though. Everyone had fun catching up and meeting new faces.

Visiting at the party!

Bonnie, Chris Bills and Andrew
Brett, Andrew and Josh
Brett and June
Ryan, Melissa and Ryker
Hadley, Angie, Alex, Zach and Jordan
Angie and Jordan
Lori and Pam

Scrapbooking with the Girls!!

The best way to scrapbook is with the girls!! We went to Cheryl's and scrapbooked like crazy, had a nice lunch and went back to it!

Ryker was lucky to get to come with us!

Cheryl, Ryker, Me and Tracy
Melissa and Mom

Maria & Katie

Emily and Melissa