Monday, June 6, 2011

School's Out For the Summer!!

This is a most exciting time for me now that I work at a school!  I was pretty happy about it before I worked too because I got sick of helping the kids with school and getting them out of the house and being so busy all the time....BUT then I would get pretty tired of trying to keep them busy at home and waited for school to start again.
Now that I work at a school it makes summer that much sweeter.  It is pretty easy to keep Andrew busy with his sports and he is big enough to help with projects around the house. 
THIS YEAR was kind of bad because the district cut my position last year and this was supposed to be my last year.  My school wants me to stay there and has tried to make it work with budget cuts and at the very end of school I found that I will probably have at least a half position.  I would like full time, but don't want to work in the summer until Andrew is grown up so I will plan to do that and hope full time works out. 
So....anyway I spent the first official day taking down the Christmas Lights YEA ME!  And just for the record --  It was warm today earlier, but now it is getting cold!

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