Monday, November 2, 2009

Has It Really Been That Long?

I guess I need to post an update, Funny, nothing seems to be happening, but we stay busy. Time just flies by!! So just a LONG update on our happenings.

1. Jordan had surgery on his shoulder. He is busy doing nothing at home while he recovers. He had six anchors put in and will need six months to be back to normal. He is getting bored with being home and wishes he had a job (one he can do with the shoulder) so he would have some money and could start school. He wouldn't let me take a picture on him in the hospital or I would post one now...

2. Andrew played and Brett and Matt coached for the very first season of South Weber Knights football. The team finished 6 - 2 - 1. It was a great first year and everyone had a good time. I will post some cool pictures later...

3. Thomas and Ashley got married. Congratulations guys!

4. Ryker played his first soccer season. He thought it was pretty cool and took it very seriously. He called me and let me know if I missed a game! He told me he had to steal the ball from his own team to score. He would wave at me after every goal. Very Cool!

5. Matt had his 20th birthday. I guess that means I am really old if I have two kids that are no longer KIDS!

6. Jaymie and Mark had a little baby, James who died. It was very sad for the whole family and we will miss having little James here. We love you Jaymie, Mark and James!

7. We had a fun lunch to celebrate Connie's birthday with the girls. It was so fun to be with all the girls. We love to get together and eat, shop or do crafts. Out mothers got together, then my generation joined them and now we bring our daughters and granddaughters.

8. It was Halloween - I forgot those pictures so I will post them later. It was kind of sad to have no one to trick-or-treat with! Andrew went with his buddies...
9. Brett's birthday is today. He is older than I am for a month and three days. Don't let him tell you any different!

10. It is the 3rd anniversay of Nate's death today. This always makes me sad. We still miss him and think of him all the time. We love you Nate!

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Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

You are ALWAYS busy! Cute blogging....see you next holiday...soon! Love you~