Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August was a Busy Month!!

South Weber Days - We spent the day hanging out down at the park enjoying the friends, food, and fun activities. This is Andrew with some of his friends listening to a band.
This is Andrew and his friends getting ready for the eating contest! Believe or not Andrew loves eating contests (as long as the food - pudding in this case - is something he likes!)
This is Andrew and the other South Weber football players in the South Weber Days parade! This is the first year for South Weber football. Go Knights!
Grandpa and Ryker waiting for the parade!
Melissa and Ryker before the parade
Matt (with Ryker) on his first game day as a "Jr. Football Coach Trainee"
The First Game for the new South Weber Knights Pee Wee Team. Brett and Scott Peterson spent 10 million hours getting it together and organized. There were a million tiny details to get it started! They had to raise $25,000.00. Pick out uniforms , order equipment, prepare the field, register everyone, apply to the league, etc.... Finally the first game day! Andrew's team won the first game with a score of 6 - 0!
Andrew showing his new football uniform.
And finally to end August - the first day of school! Andrew is so happy!! I had to go back to so I do know how he feels!


Nikki said...

Has school started already?! It feels like it just got out. How are you liking being back at work?? :)

Kristanne said...

That is funny, because my feeling are exactly the opposite. I hate school to start. We just have too much fun at home I guess - or I just make my kids to do many chores to get bored!! They are doing well though, and even Cade seems to like school after getting over his fear of the getting lost.

Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

I love your blog set-up - very cheerful!! You've got to stay cheerful with all those stinky boys around!! Love you~