Friday, November 6, 2009

Football Banquet

Wednesday night we had a football banquet for Andrew's football team out at Bella's Restaurant. We had good food, great company and a lot of VERY LOUD BOYS! The highlight dvd was definitely the best movie they had ever seen! I guess they all have very healthy self-esteem. It was a good end to a great season!

Silly Boys!

Brett got the boys some cool trophies!

Ehtan & Andrew

Brody, Andrew & Brogan


Melissa said...

Good thing it's basketball season now or you guys would get really bored!!

Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

Thank goodness basketball season is here! Jayden wants to know if Andrew is coming to Great Grandma Olsen's for Thanksgiving - think he needs someone to wrestle with~~ Love your blog and you