Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Pictures!

This year I was all alone for Halloween. Brett went to help at the mini-bowl football games, Matt went to work, Jordan went to hang out with friends and Andrew went trick-or-treating and to a party with his friends. Ryker and Melissa came by and ate with us, but then it was just me and book and the 10 million little trick-or-treaters that came by! I kind of miss going trick or treating with my little kids!

Ryker looked very cute as Luke Skywalker!

Andrew was a Hippie (I had to show him how to make a peace sign though)

Brogan, Cade and Andrew waiting for the rest of their buddies!


jeniece said...

how's Jordan's shoulder doing?

Jill said...

He is doing much better. He started working for Chris Loock, Melissa's bro-in-law. He is feeding bags of insulation into a machine. Hopefully, it is not too much, but he was getting very bored at home! Also, that will give him enough money to get started in school. How are you guys?