Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun The Old Fashioned Way!

Andrew and his friends have been having night games two or three days a week! I love it when they play this way. It reminds me of when I was a child. We used to meet every night down at the corner light post. All of the neighbor kids from young to old used to get together and play "Hide and Seek", "Kick the Can", "Steal the Flag" and "Freeze Tag".

The one thing I notice with Andrew and his buddies is it is much harder to get everyone together. This takes them quite awhile because they have to call everyone and have them dropped off. I guess that's progress...definitely a downside! They also like to "Doorbell Ditch". I apologize to any of my neighbors this has effected!

Anyway, I try to encourage this kind of play instead of the kinds that takes money. Skating rink, water slides, movies, video games, laser tag..... I want to take them hiking and to float down the river on some innner tubes. Next week!

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Kristanne said...

Summer fun the old way. We never had tv growing up so we always played games. They are some of the best memories of my life.