Monday, June 1, 2009

Jordan's Graduation Photos!

We took Jordan to Layton Park for a photo shoot! He wasn't a totally cooperative subject, but ended up with some pretty good pictures.

Ryker is going to graduate some day so he needed to be in the pictures!

Graduation is Friday! Three down - one to go! Go Superjillo!!!


Thoma Lee & Ron Olsen said...

Tell Jordan congrats - his announcement pictures were great too!

jeniece said...

i feel so old. . .

Kristanne said...

He looks so handsome with his shorter hair (just my opinion). I can't believe how fast he has grown up. I remember him in Cub scouts. Time is going way to fast!

Joe - Kristie Runyan said...


Connie said that you wanted an invite to our blog! I just need you email address so I can send you an invite! My email address is

If you send me a message telling me about one of your favorite secrets then I'll know your address!! Ha Ha :)