Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lava Hot Springs and the Pocatello Jamboree

We went to Pocatello for the Lacrosse Jamboree. We decided to make it a little mini-vacation. We let Andrew and his friend Cade swim at the hotel, play in the tournament and then we went to Lava Hot Springs afterwards. Our other friends the Gertges and Marroquins also stayed and went with us. It was freezing at the games so the hot springs felt fabulous!!

The boys are very cool in their shades!

Poor cold, cold spectators!

Lava Hot Springs

The Big Boys.

The Younger Boys!

Andrew and me!

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Kristanne said...

I love Lava. We haven't been there in ages. My mom used to have a reunion there every year as her family is all from that area. Lacrosse is the new happening sport. Everyone is playing it it seems.