Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cabin Trip....for the Weak Kneed!!

We usually go up to our cabin after Christmas for a snowmobiling trip, but I am currently waiting to have surgery on my ACL and didn't think I could snowmobile into the cabin and walk through that deep, deep snow! Luckily, our friends the Peterson's invited us up to their much tamer cabin for a few days. The Cottams and Andrew's buddy Daxten went to, so we had lots of friends and boys! The kids rode the snowmobiles around in a field and Scott pulled the kids on a tube. It was a big cabin with water and electricity! Not really roughing it all, it was better than my house! We had a great time. Thanks Petersons!

Scott shows us his dancing moves in a game of "Would You Rather Do This or That?"

Daxten, Andrew, Jesse, Kia and Elle

Brett enjoying the sunshine!

Andrew & Daxten riding the inner tube!

Jesse, Dallin, Daxten, Andrew & Cam

A pretty rough game of snow football! The boys loved it!


Kristanne said...

I am so glad you got to enjoy a cabin, without all the hard work involved. Hope your knee gets better soon!!!

jeniece said...

sounds like Brett has been a lovely nurse. hope the recovery is quick!