Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snowmobiling in the Spring!

We spent the weekend up at our cabin snowmobiling. Snowmobiling into the cabin on Friday evening was so beautiful. The sunset was awesome (but my camera wouldn't take picture, it said it was too cold). Saturday was sunny, the snow deep and the snowmobiling was awesome!

Brett and I are very cool snowmobilers....It is pretty fun to go without the kids...It is a lot less work!

This is me on my snowmobile. My husband bought this one for me for Mother's day (supposedly). He really just wanted to have another cool mountain I chose a nice bright yellow and named it sunshine (and added a really cute sticker).

Tracy and I were learning how to jump on our snowmobiles. I tried about 20 times and finally was brave enough to get some air. Brett said my jump was okay, but he was better. I told him to prove it....He tried, but went way too fast and ended up crashing on his face....Boys will always be boys!

Snow Angels...My sister and I always make snow angels...I have made them in lots of cool place (check out Two Tops up by Yellowstone!!)

The sun was awesome - I needed a suntan! It all works!

Sometimes you can go ice climbing in a deep, deep hole!!

Bottom Line....snowmobiling makes all this snow we are having now much easier to take!


Paul & Pam Ledesma Family said...

Doesn't Brett know by now that he shouldn't try to show off! Give it a couple more times Jill and you will gain air like the pros! I think going to the cabin is the only way to enjoy this snow!!

Kristanne said...

How fun!!!! At least there is something fun about all this snow other than slipping and sliding.