Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick Kids!

Well, I had a nice long weekend (Monday and Tuesday off) for Martin Luther King Day -- then.... Andrew came down with a stomach virus on Monday, Matt and Jordan on Wednesday, but hey I am still in good health! It reminded me of the days when the kids were all little. Someone was always sick. I think going to the pediatrician was just part of my weekly activities. We had an ongoing bill that never really got paid off. I miss lots of things about my little kids, but not THAT PART! Now that the kids are older, they just slept or layed around. Brett and I joked last night about how quiet it was and how much we got done! He and I had a nice quiet dinner (no one else ate) and I went to bed quite early.

Anyway, I also want to report that I have finished #1 and #2 on my New Year's resolution list. Matt and Jordan are no longer blind. I have had my physical and I am still alive. Unfortunately, I have yet to get skinny!! Maybe tomorrow.....but today I had a nice lunch out with some of the ladies' from the neighborhood.


Nikki said...

You realize that now that you've said you aren't sick yet, that you'll be horribly ill tomorrow :o) it always happens that way.

Are we set for the activity tomorrow? I'll be sure to have the van cleaned out so I can take some of the girls on the scavenger hunt. It should be fun! We also need to remember to go over the 13th article of faith. Some of them passed off #9 on Sunday( It went with the lesson)

Kristanne said...

Hope you don't come down with it. My kids got it minor and of course I got it major. Been kind of a bummer week that way. I have to say I kind of like it when Jace is ill - he gets so cudly.

Melissa said...

Ugh, I know. As if pregnancy wasn't enough, I got strep and bronchitis together. My glass 1/2 full . . .one antibiotic to kill both viruses!